Chiropractic and Infants

Birth can be a serious pain in the neck! When people find out that we adjust infants, the first question is always, "Why?" Birth trauma can be induced by several factors including: the use of Pitocin to increase contraction intensity, long labors, very short labors, vacuum extractions, forceps delivery, cesarean delivery, mal-position of the baby in the uterus or birth canal, cord around the neck, or fetal distress.

You should ideally have your infant checked and adjusted as soon as possible after birth. A chiropractor can help resolve spinal problems and nerve distress caused by constraint in the uterus or difficult deliveries. Associated signs of birth trauma are irritability, breathing weakness, difficulty feeding and latching, colic, frequent spit up, asthma, headaches, and more.

Doctor Diamond Brown adjusting an infant

Chiropractic adjustments for adults and infants are very different. On an infant, the doctor will use a light fingertip pressure (about the same amount used to check the freshness of a tomato) on the baby's back or neck. Infant adjustments are very gentle and a baby is usually soothed by an adjustment.

The video below demonstrates an adjustment to an infant who is an hour old.